Can't add matter device and error code 39-511/39-504

Hi there, I have a matter switch (though it is non-certified). I used SmartThings App to scan the QRcode and it show that it has found and connected the “matter device”. After the step page of “your Matter Device is being registered to your Samsung account”, it finally show the error code “39-504” or “39-511” and said “Somethings went wrong. Try again later.”

Does anyone have the same problem and clue? I have tried more than 30+ times and nothing more.

What hub do you have? What version is it running? What Matter switch do you have? Is it a Wi-fi Matter switch or a Thread Matter switch?

Hi,It is SmartThings V2 Hub with firmware version 000.046.00010 and controller version (2.3.17-11). The Matter switch is a Wi-fi switch modified by my friend’s company.

Do you get to the point where you have to select the Wi-Fi network for the device to connect to? If not, might be a bug in the Matter implementation on the switch.

If the Matter Switch Edge driver isn’t installed on your hub yet, I’d manually install it. Then I would use the ST CLI to do driver logging using the command “smartthings edge:drivers:logcat”. You will be prompted for you hub’s IP address and then you can select the Matter Switch driver for logging.

Is it a certified Matter device? So that it shows up in the Matter security database?

Although the Matter standard does allow for self-certified devices with a warning message (similar to the Apple HomeKit framework), I’m not sure the smartthings app can process them at this time.

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She said in the first post that it is not Matter certified and that it is “a Wi-fi switch modified by my friend’s company”.

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No, it’s not certified. When I used smartthings app connect the device, it actually show a warning pop-up “This isn’t a Matter-certified device.If you add this device,it might not work correctly.”

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Yes, I have enter the Wi-Fi select page before the step page “your Matter Device is being registered to your Samsung account”.

I will tell my friend this way you said to try. It sounds like needs to be done by a professional.

Thank you Bruce.

Are you using iOS or Android to onboard the Matter device?

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Andorid, Samsung S10