Manual stock driver assignment how-to

I have added a thermostat device a couple of days ago that picked up a random custom Edge driver. How can I assign a stock driver to the device when the selection list does not offer it? Or maybe the question is how do I force the hub to install a driver so I can assign it to a device?

can you provide the brand/model of the thermostat? also find the fingerprint for the device… if you have it paired, use the following to find that info: locate the device and tap on Details, screenshot the details view that pops up.

other community will be able to offer assistance :slight_smile:

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Thanks jkp, I’m also trying to broaden my understanding of how now to assign any driver I want to any device. It was pretty easy on the old platform.

With regard to the stock drivers, I’m pretty sure you get them when you get them, and not everybody gets them at the same time right now until we’re done with this transition phase.

Have you subscribed to the Beta channel? Admittedly, those are still beta, but they might have more choices for you.

Preview | SmartThings-managed Edge Device Drivers

Otherwise, I don’t know if there’s a way to request a stock edge driver if you didn’t get it automatically yet… :thinking:

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In all my digging, I’ve never seen a link to subscribe to the production channel of the stock drivers. You can see what stock production drivers are available in the production github and the stock beta drivers in the beta github.

Hi, @whstrain

The device must have been connected to that custom driver because it contains your device’s fingerprints or a generic one that can support it.
You can install the drivers in the Beta Channel, the ones in production get downloaded automatically but only if you don’t have a compatible driver already installed.
There should be no issues with the drivers in the Beta Channel, the only difference with the production drivers is that the first ones have more fingerprints enabled.

If the driver you install does not contain your device’s fingerprints or a generic one that could handle it, it won’t appear in the “change driver” list.

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