How to remove default edge driver

Hi, I would like to remove an default edge driver “Z-wave thermostat”. The reason is when i’m joining my Stelpro ki+ zwave thermostat, It keep fetching this driver and install the “thermostat-temperature-temparaturealarm” driver. I’ve 4 of theses thermostat and i succeded to install them on a DTH z-wave thermostat driver (automaticly with the include zwave procedure). Don’t ask me how i succeded it because i don’t know how… I just deleted them many time an after a couple of try, i got the DTH Zwave thermostat driver…
The thing is, i’ve been doing the same thing with the last thermostat and after like 30 include/exclude procedure, i gave up and came here for help.



All DTHs, whether custom or stock, will stop working soon, so that’s not a long-term plan.

With the new architecture, your choices anre either to use the stock edge driver or a custom edge driver. The custom edge driver will take precedence over the stock edge driver. But you cannot go back to a DTH once the stock edge driver has been downloaded to your hub. It’s just the way the smartthings architecture works now. :thinking:

You can read more about this whole transition and the new architecture in the community FAQ, as well as how to find custom edge drivers.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

Thx Jd, you absolutely right that its not a long term option… i looked for a custom edge driver but i didnt find anything about the STZW402WB+ .
Very strange that ive actually been able to automatically load a dth driver??? ( lets say about 4-5 attemps).? There is no way to do that manually you think?



There are ”device type handlers” (from the old architecture). Abbreviated “DTH.” These include both stock device type handlers, which were provided by smartthings to all customers, and custom device type handlers, which customers used to be able to add to their account through the IDE.

A replacement for these are “Edge Drivers” (from the new architecture). Often just called “drivers.” These include both stock edge drivers which will be provided by smartthings to all customers, and custom edge drivers, which customers can subscribe to by following a link that the author gives them.

But there’s no such thing as a “DTH driver“ so I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. :thinking:

If you already had a custom DTH loaded into your account before February 2023, it’s probably still there unless you yourself have deleted it.

Hi Jd,

Before doing that transition, I removed all of my custom old DTH handlers. Honestly i cannot explain why after 4 or 5 times it just picked a old dth handler from smartthing instead of a new edge one… more than that, i cannot explain either why my fourth thermostat won’t do the same after 4- 5 try… or 30…

So if i understand correctly. Normally i’m stucked using the new edge driver (basic an no so usefull) until somebody or the stelpro company build a custom edge driver…



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