Managing venmar switch

Have an odd thought and question…this device manages the air exchanger in the house. I switches speeds by simply hitting the button to switch modes. When netatmo tells my our co2 level is too high I wak over and hit it to high to pull in fresher air and push out the bad. Maybe I can use the furnace fan for this instead?

Alternately, I thiught maybe there would be some zwave device I could stick in there. A mini relay of some type? No? Because then I would just be able to cycle it from a smart app. Anyone have ideas on this?


Did you figured it out? I’d like to do the same thing, I would have the air exchanger run whenever the humidity level in the bathroom is too high. I’m thinking either an Aeotec Microswitch or an Evolve Inline Relay Module might do, but I’m not an electrician- I don’t know these things enough to be sure that it works.

I’d go for a remotec sfm80, it’s a zwave dry contact relay module, with an external switch input. $40.
I’m using these to run my fireplace, should work for this, presuming that control panel consists of actual buttons/relays.

I have not as of yet; I also have a fireplace to manage.

Wondering how to power it too. But in the end, the Venmar has 4 settings, and it just seems to cycle based on the number of clicks…so I imagine a relay would work…I have a relay on my garage door opener and it works great, but there I had the ability to give it power.

So still scratching my head a bit.