Ventilation System?

I live in New Mexico where you have the hot days and the cool nights. The house is made from stucco so a lot of the heat gets retained and I want to take advantage of the cool air. The way it works is there is a fan with a damper install in the fresh air return outside. I would control that by outside temp and humidity (which is about -10 daily). Then they give you two switches to turn on and open the damper. I would like to control that with a Zwave device. Any one have any suggestions out there to use and it MAY need to be weather proof. It would also be nice to monitor the voltage so that if the fan gets burgered up with vermits, tumbleweeds …I can shut it down and alert on the fault.

This seems like a pretty simple project but I don’t want to get to elaborate on the solution. I have thought about a GoControl Fixture-Mounted Control Module but I guess I will need multiple modules to be able to perform both function or a Enerwave Z-Wave Plus Switch Module ZWN-RSM2 Converting 2 Current Switches Smart and then use WebCore to control it.

So does anyone have a switch that they use that can at least open the damper and turn on the fan?

I have motorised windows in my conservatory which I control with the Fibaro Roller Shutter relay.
I can set % of opening using various apps. (they are similar to a dimmer control but have a circuit to know when everything is fully open/closed)
I’m not sure if they are available to you as I’m in the UK but maybe you can get then with the US freq