HVAC switch


I want to automate the following HVAC switch, any suggestions?

@JDRoberts? :slight_smile:

Is that a cycle switch, so one press is intermittent, then the next press Max, then the next press is min, then back to intermittent again? Or the lights just indicator lights and the press is just for on/off?

And what is the switch controlling?

And is this an actual load-controlling switch or is it just a wallmount wireless remote to something else?

Details matter. :sunglasses:

Yes that is exactly what it does!

Sorry to put you on the spot. The switch is controlling a HVAC air exchanger
I believe it is a actual load-controlling switch, i havnt open it yet

The LED indicator colour of this wall control shows clearly in which operating mode the unit is. This push-button control has three functions:

Recirculation (stops exchanging air with the outside and recirculates inside air at high speed)
Min (low speed air exchange)
Max (high speed air exchange)