Gas Fireplace Idea

I have been reading some posts for connecting my gas fireplace to smartthings. I like the Remotec Z-Wave ZFM-80 but it is out of stock. Not sure if this is just temporary.

I have come up with a configuration using a Aeon Labs DSC26103-ZWUS - Z-Wave In-Wall Micro Controller and an ALLEN BRADLEY 700-HLT1U1. This would solve any problem with the switch being out of sync due to the Micro Controller. Any input is greatly appreciated. Also if this is a possibility i would need some help with a Smartapp for the micro controller.

Thanks in advance for ever ones input.

Great idea! :slight_smile: Just make sure the load from the fireplace isn’t to high for switch.

Thanks @slagle!!

The only load on the micro controller should be from the Allen Bradley 700-HLT1U1 coil which should be minimal. An electrician friend told be about that device. I hope to get my hands on one soon.

Do you see any need for a custom code? I am thinking it might be able to be controlled like a regular light.

Yes, it will work in ST like a regular light.
That relay you’re electrician recommended is a bit over the top for your application.
This relay will do the job just fine and is quite a bit smaller, and a whole lot cheaper.

@Mike_Maxwell is right, it will work like a normal light. You could use SmartLights to do the automation and that should fill most of your needs. The only reason for a custom smartapp would be a really specific trigger that Smart Lights doesn’t cover.

That was exactly what i was looking for @Mike_Maxwell but i couldn’t come up with what to search for, that is why i asked my electrician friend. Guess I should have asked my HVAC friend instead.

Parts on order will let everyone know how it works our. If everything goes well i think I’m going to get one of these also.

Yup, I have one of these, pretty cool. In case you didn’t know, these do require an aeon microcontroller, which is not included with the touch panel.