Looking for a cheap plug that does power monitoring

Since I can’t get my iris plug to pair with ST for whatever reason, I’m looking for a cheap plug-in switch that does power monitoring.

Nothing fancy or expensive, as it’ll live in my garage/woodshop.

Any suggestions?

I have a couple of these; I’m not really using the power monitoring but it’s there.

Monoprice stuff goes on sale regularly, so if you’re not in a rush you can probably catch them on sale at Easter or Memorial Day.

What’s the function in the workshop?

I would be interested in one to turn on / off my dust collector and overhead ambient air cleaner. Don’t care about power monitoring, but need one that can handle a 20 amp startup surge. I am using a Harbor Freight 2HP dust collector…

Funny you mention ambient overhead air cleaner. It’s exactly for that. I have the WEN model with the RF remote, and it keeps turning itself on. I guess it’s common if you live close to an airport.

I want to use the plug to monitor this and alert me if it turns on so I can power it down remotely.

Yeah, I have an older Grizzly GO572 that uses the RF remote. I don’t mind buttoning from the remote for that, but remote switches that won’t die under the HF 2HP DC are few and far between… And my DC isn’t conveniently located.

I’ll probably be buying that exact DC very soon and I plan to use something like the ivac remote for it.

The HF Dust Collector is rated at 2hp and 20 amps, but outfitted with a 15 amp plug (?). I would be interested in knowing what the startup / running load actually is…

That iVac is fairly recent to market, ro at least I am not familar with them. I like the rating on it. I have a 20 amp circuit my DC is plugged into. This would solve that problem pretty quickly!

They’ve been around for a while. Mostly with a box that automatically turns on a vac or DC when the connected tool powers on. They seem to be decent based on what I’ve read around the web.

Yeah, this is for a whole shop DC system. I don’t want it to come on only with one tool…

Right. I was just saying that was their primary product before they came out with the remote for big DC units.

Oh, I just found this. It’s pricey, but it may work for what you’re trying to do.

This is still 15amps but designed for heavy duty appliances. It might still work for you. On sale right now for $27, regularly $37

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