Dashboard, Tiles and Hello Home issues

(veni) #1

My dashboard is not refreshing and tiles are not refreshing also my Hello home did not trigger this morning, is ST experiencing issues?

(Tim Slagle) #2

All good in the hood here

(Brian Smith) #3

I’m having the same issue. If I’m in the iOS app bouncing around from screen to scree, when I go back tot he things screen it does not load. If I force the app closed and then re-open it, it comes up fine. I think this is a bug in the latest version of the app since I can get it to happen on multiple devices on multiple networks (different WiFi, cellular, different logins).

Once I get a few minutes, i’m going to submit a ticket to support about it.

(Dav Glass) #4

Yesterday & today I received several of the “failed to load dashboard” errors. I’m on iOS as well & I see the spinner wheel way more than I see my actual tiles.

(Bill) #5

I upgraded to SmartTiles 5.2 using GitHub. It has not shown up yet on my phone. Do I need to delete 5.1.1 first? Or can both exist on the phone at the same time? Or will 5.2 automatically delete 5.1.1? Anybody know?

(Darc Ranger) #6

You should be able to keep both versions on your phone. I still do that. As for not seeing version 5.2 on your phone, make sure you publish it “for me”, so that it will show up on your phone.

(Bill) #7

I had done that. My problem was I did not “import” it from My Apps. However, now I have it in but it is giving me An Unexpected Error Occurred and won’t make the URL for me. The same thing happened on 5.1 for a day. I think it will work later on.

(veni) #8

Things seem normal now.