Malfunction? Lights turn on and off, door unlocked without prompt

Anybody have any suggestions here?
This morning, at 9:58 am central time, one of my hue bulbs turned on then off, one of my in-wall dimmer switches turned on, and my schlage connect door unlocked. Reviewing the activity provides no insight. The door unlocking is registered as a status change(if I unlock with a code or manually it says “unlocked with code” or “unlocked manually” - this just says “unlocked”). The lights were triggered by switches it appears. My hue bulb does not have a physical “switch”). There were no automations that included all of these items. No one was home to touch the switches.
I was alerted because the system sends me a text message whenever the door unlocks.

Have been on hold with “support” for 33 minutes at this point.

I am looking for advice on places I should be looking for an explanation of what happened.