App - Incorrect lighting status messes things up

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New user, first time post - I’ve been enjoying reading all the other posts here.

I’ve been using the iOS app (which has taken me a little while to learn to use) - and I’ve noticed an intermittent problem which is starting to irk me.

The problems seem to stem from lights (Hue) and automation. I have various automations that turn lights on and off - e.g. if motion is sensed in the front room from 11:00pm to 5:45am, turn front room lights on (and then off after 5 mins of no motion). Or, at 10:00am, turn the bedroom lights on.

The automations tend to run well - it’s just that it seems a lot of the time, my app won’t actually show the status of those bulbs as on. So, if I want to manually turn some bulbs off, I have to turn them on in the app in order to turn them off. I can live with that, but if I have a routine I want to run, then that’s where things get out of whack. It’s like the app says they’re off, so the routine assumes they’re off and therefore won’t run (because the lights are, in fact, on).

Does that make sense? I’ve tried closing out the app and opening it again to see if it was a refresh issue but no joy.

Any help or wisdom would be appreciated!



I’m sure that’s frustrating! Status for Hue bulbs is supposed to update every 5 to 10 minutes. If it’s taking longer than that, put in a support ticket by writing

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Thank you, sir! You know, I’ll double-check I’m not jumping the gate by being impatient…I really appreciate the reply, JD.