Hue bulbs turn on after scheduled off event

I have a Hue bridge setup in my SmartThings V2 configuration. I have a daily event that turns a set of bulbs on at sunset and off again at sunrise. Every so often, after the turn-off-at-sunrise event runs and turns them all off, one of the bulbs will mysteriously come back on. The event history for the bulb shows nothing other than it was turned on. It is not always the same bulb. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Any rules in your hue app that you may have overlooked?

I literally never used the Hue app to control anything. The only thing I ever did in the Hue app was to add the bulbs. All my automations are done via SmartThings. Good thought, though.

I’ve had a couple of hue bulbs that do that from time to time. Usually if I unscrew them from the fixture, then screw them in again and make sure they are fairly tight it takes care of it.

Interesting. Thank you. I’ll give that a try.

I have seen this once or twice, but couldn’t reproduce it. Please Report this to support.

I think there maybe a bug that sometimes results in ST getting out of sync, thinking the bulb was turned on via the hue hub, and then sending the on command to try to get back in sync

I have the same issue with one of my Hue bulbs. At first, unscrewing it for a while sorted out the problem, but these days, that doesn’t help anymore. I figured the bulb became faulty.

I did the unscrew/rescrew thing yesterday for all 3 bulbs. This morning two of them had the problem, so things got worse. I only ever had one fail at a time before.

Interestingly, going into the Hue app and turning all the bulbs off and on again a few times sometimes seems to help the problem go away for a few days. That sort of suggests a software problem rather than anything wrong with the hardware.

Unfortunately I am about to leave this house for the Summer and so, don’t have any time to go through the support process now. I guess I’ll just have to monitor things remotely and manually turn off any that come back on by themselves.

I got the Hue setup in the first place to avoid all the issues I was having with the GE Link bulbs I was using prior. Now I have a different set of issues. Pfft.

On a hunch, I decided to convert my combined turn-on-at-sunset/turn-off-at-sunrise automation into two separate events, one to turn on and another to turn off. Since I did that I haven’t had the random turn-on problem any more. Its only been a few days though, so this is hardly conclusive. I’ll continue to monitor the situation.

Alas, even with separate on/off events, it still occasionally turns back on by itself after the turn-off. The only difference is that it seems to take longer to turn back on (10 minutes instead of 1 minute). One really odd thing is that the bulb turned back on by itself after I manually turned it off.

These are the event logs. The first set is the automated turn-off followed by the spurious turn-on 12 minutes later.

2018-05-02 6:59:19.029 AM EDT
1 day ago DEVICE switch on Garage 3 switch is on
2018-05-02 6:47:06.195 AM EDT
1 day ago APP_COMMAND off Turn off Garage 1, etc… at sunrise sent off command to Garage 3
2018-05-02 6:47:06.261 AM EDT
1 day ago DEVICE switch off Garage 3 switch is off

The second is me manually turning it off. I never expected it would come back on by itself afterwards, but it did.

2018-05-02 8:09:12.718 AM EDT
1 day ago DEVICE switch on Garage 3 switch is on
2018-05-02 7:52:01.931 AM EDT
1 day ago DEVICE switch off Garage 3 switch is off

At this point, I’m mystified what’s going on here and am out of troubleshooting ideas.

This is still going on. Here’s two successive events from the log. The first off event was me manually turning it off from the (Classic) SmartThings app. The second is it coming back on all by itself 10 seconds later. I’ve seen this happen both ways. Sometimes it will turn back on by itself after having been deliberately turned off. Sometimes it will turn off by itself after having been deliberately turned on. This is driving me crazy. Help?!?

I had a Hue Light doing the same. In the end, it appeared to be faulty. Once I replaced the culprit with a new light, the problem stopped.
I found a few instances on the internet of people having the same issue with Hue lights - they become faulty and would randomly turn on as a result.

This happens with all 4 of my Hue (white) bulbs, so if its a hardware problem, it affects them all. I suppose that’s possible as I got them bundled with a discounted starter kit. Maybe it was discounted because they were trying to offload some bad bulbs. They all report they are model LWB014 amd are all running SW 1.29.0_r21169. Is there maybe a newer model that might behave better in this regard?

I continue to be plagued with this issue. On a hunch, I decided to remove the automation of the three bulbs that have been randomly turning themselves off/on after having been turned on/off at sunset/sunrise by SmartThings. I then created a routine in the Hue hub to do the same (on at sunset, off at sunrise). Since I moved the automation to the Hue hub, I haven’t had a single problem. So, I’m thinking this is a SmartThings software issue and not a hardware issue with the bulbs. Comments?