Making D-Link 2310L record video whenever motion is detected

I am running 4 D-Link 2310L cameras with my hub. They work as expected and they are OK as far as IP cameras go. The only thing I am a bit baffled by is their inability to record videos whenever the motion sensor on the camera is triggered. The cameras have a 32GB micro SD card that can store plenty of footage but on the current firmware (1.07) the only option to record video is to setup a schedule for recording. The app (my D-link lite) does have an option to record based on motion sensor but I have found it to be unreliable when it comes to applying settings. I can record upto 2 minutes of clips through SmartThings whenever the alarm is triggered, but I want to keep an eye on regular activities as well. Is there a work around for this problem? I have seen tutorial videos of people showing that video recording can be enabled whenever motion is detected on the camera itself. The hardware is obviously there but (D-link) software is lackluster.

I did try to sign up on D-link forums in May but they never approved my request to join. I am sending another request now hoping for better luck

My D-Link cameras have a very weird and convoluted way to setup motion-triggered recording. You have to setup a server, a media, and an event. The fourth in the list is the schedule but that is not needed. Do you not have Server/Media/Event?

I have it currently setup so the server is the SD card (I can provide it with a NAS server too if needed), media is the video clip and event is the motion trigger. I am not using the recording feature though. So I am confused as to how it would record if the recording feature is only available through a schedule. I am uploading a screenshot of my settings which might be easier to understand.

It just does. Check the SD Card tab on the left after you move/stop moving a few times. It should give you some folder count and then browse through…

This camera has some recordings that were made yesterday. I didn’t record anything today. I did go in front of it in the afternoon just to check if it records. It didn’t. One thing I did notice is that the “myD-link lite” app does have the option to record when motion is detected. But it doesn’t work. Everytime I set up recording through the app, after going out of that screen and going back in, I see the recording button is still off. Uploading another screenshot of the app.

There may be two kinds of motion detection (video motion detection and PIR) - make sure you enabled the right one and selected the same in the Event?

Well if I am using the app, the video recording option doesn’t even work. I can turn it on, go out of that screen, come back and it’s still off. If try to set it up from the browser, the only option I have is to schedule recording times, something I don’t want to do.

What is the SD Card page saying?

SD page does have folders with videos in it, but it’s just two days of videos from a couple of days ago. I haven’t touched the settings in a long time. So I don’t know what triggered it to record video for those two days. It hasn’t recorded any video since then though. I am wondering if I have to setup a second event for video recording. First event is motion detection and second could be recording based on motion detection?

Edit: I am wondering if your recording works then what do your settings look like?

Same as yours. And then in the Video folder, where it says 1, I have 2016, then the months, then the day, etc. Follow that path, are you sure it didn’t record?

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OK so I managed make it work. The part that confused me originally was the way the recording is setup. When I saw the Recording heading under the Event link I thought I should have an option to setup recording based on motion detection rather than scheduled time.

But that’s not how it works. The Event heading under Event link allows recordings to be made and saved whenever motion is detected.

I added snapshot as a secondary media (besides video) and tested it. I set it to record whenever there is video motion (not PIR). I noticed the motion icon was active when I was there but it didn’t record any video. This was because the PIR was off. It did take pictures so video motion detection works. I turned on PIR and coincidentally someone knocked on the door at the same time. I went into the SD card afterwards and found video/pictures where they should be.

Now on to my next question. I have 3 cameras outside with poor lightning at night and despite having a seperate IR light, they get grainy video at night. If I want to use video motion detection, will this trigger recordings all night since the video gets super grainy at night?

Once you set this up in the camera advanced settings my D-Link Camera manager SmartApp can trigger the video recording directly: