Is it possible to enable/disable motion detection on Dlink DCS-2132 camera thru smartthings interface

I’ve got a couple Dlink cameras on my network, two DCS-932 and one DCS-2132. The DCS-2132 is using the device handler supplied by Samsung and I’m using the device handler for DCS-932 developed by Blebson on the community forums to add them as devices.

I like the DCS-932 device handler because it adds the motion detection enable/disable as a switch type in Smartthings so that I can disable motion detection when I’m home and enable it when I leave.

Does anyone know if there is anyway to do this for this DCS-2132? I’ve got the cameras setup to email me when they detection motion and I don’t want to be constantly receiving emails when I’m moving around at home triggering the cameras.


Funny you ask, I’m working on a DTH for it right now that will handle most popular D-Link cameras. Keep your eyes open in the next day or so for the post :slight_smile:

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