[OBSOLETE] Smart Security Camera SmartApp - Now with Local Video Recording Support!

I’ve decided to leverage my D-Link Camera Manager (Connect) devices and create a SmartApp that will move the camera to preset views (if the camera has pan/tilt) and take 4 pictures and/or a local video clip when an event happens. It is loosely based on the Photo Burst app with a lot of added features.

What it does: Simply, when a specific event occurs (door/window opens, motion detected, etc.) the camera will automatically move to a preset location (as set up in your D-Link settings) and will take 4 pictures roughly 7 seconds apart each (quickest I could get it to work without dropping pictures) and/or record a video clip for a set amount of time. All of the photos it takes are stored in the SmartThings cloud for a short period of time (30 days maybe), this is standard for all image capture devices in SmartThings. Any video that is recorded will be saved on the device’s local SD card.

Prerequisites: You will need a D-Link IP camera added to SmartThings using my custom D-Link Camera Manager (Connect) SmartApp (linked below). You will also need to set up at least one preset location within the D-Link admin menu. You get to these settings by typing in your camera’s local IP address into a web browser while connected to the same network. For video to work you need to have a SD card installed in the camera and have your settings updated for Video/Audio and SD recording.

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This app takes videos, is there any way to access the video’s without going to the camera? Your other app that takes photo bursts stores the images in the camera and have to be viewed by selecting the camera in things.

This app will do both video and photos. Unfortunately you cannot have an interface for a SmartApp, it can only send commands to the cameras.

Im using this and recently updated the smart app for the d-link connect and since then the video is no longer working. It does work with the generic video as well as the actual d-link app.

Your DTH video isn’t working? What camera do you have again?

Dlink 2330L

The DTH hasn’t been updated since mid-may and that update didn’t touch the stream logic. As long as none of your settings have changed it should work just fine.

I haven’t touched any of the DTH logic, but swear I recently updated the smart app from github

The smartapp had a recent update but it wouldn’t effect the video streaming functionality. Maybe you’re just getting bad latency on your network?

Any suggestions, everything was working fine until the smart app update.

You can try going into the camera settings and hitting ‘done’ but I don’t think it should change anything. There have been no changes that would create this issue.

I have a D-Link 2132L - IP is correct, username and password is correct. But when I install this app, it tells me that I don’t have any cameras to set. Do I use the DLink manager in conjunction with the SmartThings Dlink connect? Either way, I’m not sure how I get the video and controls of my camera with either Smart App.

You need to have the camera set up using my D-Link Camera Manager (Connect) Smartapp. Once you have it set up and working (can access it through the ‘Things’ view) then this smartapp should work.

So what would cause it to not show up in the ‘Things’ view? I have triple checked the password and everything but it never shows up in the Things view. IP - user - password all check out. I’ve tried port 80 and 443 to connect to the camera but I can never find the camera in the Things tab.

If you haven’t installed and published the Device Type Handlers in your IDE it will not successfully install the camera.

Oh… doh… I wonder how I skimmed over that on the install directions over and over. My bad.

It appears that the cloud storage of the photos is no longer available. That smartthings has disabled the cloud features. Can this me updated to save on mircosd card if available or is there a replacement to the cloud storage?

Image capture still works for me. Sometimes it can be a little wonky, maybe wait a little bit and try again.

There may be a way to export the image but I’m not exactly sure how.

OK Thank you, I tried several times and saw the alert and app run but never found the image via the APP.

Nice work on both creating device handlers and this smartapp. So far every feature has worked well for my cam.
Currently the cam records video whenever a certain sensor around the house fires.
Wondering if the Smart Security Camera smartapp could be enhanced to do the following. Can the video recording trigger be coupled to the setting of the Smart Home Monitor app that SmartThings provides by default (settings such as Armed Away, Armed Home and Disarmed). Ex: If status is “disarmed” then ignore all sensors (and thus no video is recorded).
If not even a enable/disable associated smartapps in the camera device handler might work as well. I don’t want to delete different smartapps with different sensor - PTZ preset positions every time I am home (so that the camera doesn’t record unnecessarily).