Using Camera's to trigger security event


I’ve purchased Dlink 2132L’s because they are supported by the SmartThings hub. It would be very useful if the camera motion would trigger a Smartthings security event.

I’m sure this point has been made before. Can someone tell me if this is planned feature?

In the meantime, I am having Dlink send me an email when motion is detected which I forward to my phone as a text. However, I would rather use the Smartthings Arm setting to set notifications of all events.

Thanks, Peter

It currently isn’t supported but what you can possible do is look into if the camera supports REST commands and create a devicetype for it which would bind your motion enable/disable to a ‘switch’. Then when you arm your system the switch is turned ‘on’ which sets the ‘motion’ attribute in your camera to ‘on/enabled’. This is what I do for my two older d-link cameras which aren’t officially supported by ST.

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Thanks for the reply. Could you possibly provide some additional detail (or point me to a resource) about how to do this? Does this require creating an App?

Thanks, Peter

You’ll have to search online for REST commands for your model number. They generally aren’t officially released so finding them is hit or miss. Once you get that far you can modify one of the Device Types that exist for other D-Link models to work with the commands for your camera.

I found the basic commands for your camera, the following devicetype should work for at least your motion on/off. Not sure if the PIR sensor will work or not.

Also, after looking into this camera it IS possible to hardwire an output that you could tie into an open/close sensor with input terminals so that the D-Link camera could trigger an event. I haven’t heard of anyone trying it but it is at least possible.

Hello Ben, do you know if is possible to trigger an event when Dlink DCS-5222L detects motion. I’m using the device types developed by you, but I’m not sure how to do what I just asked.

It may be possible using the I/O ports on the camera and a z-wave contact sensor with internal headers but it wouldn’t be possible to trigger it in software (other than an IFTTT link to your email which would have a 5-10 minute delay).