Make Samsung Frame turn on automatically when unlocking the front door?

Hi there,
I’d love for my Samsung Frame to turn on automatically when i unlock my front door (operated with Yale Home). Both my TV and Yale lock are connected to SmartThings. Does anyone know how to create such an automation? My below settings don’t work.

I suspect your second IF condition should be “unlocked” not “locked” as that’s the notification you seek to send. Currently, the door needs to be both Open and Locked to trigger the automation, and I assume it can’t be both.


I would ditch the contact sensor trigger, and only use unlocked status (change yours from locked to unlocked). Getting two triggers to fire simultaneously is nearly impossible. Better to only have one. If you want both, set the lock status (unlocked) as a precondition to opening the door. Then it says:

  • During the time 07:00-21:00
  • And if the door is already unlocked
  • If I open the door, turn on the frame.

Of course, during this time, if you choose to leave through the front door, your frame tv will also turn on. Is this desired behavior? If not you could add a precondition of your presence for less than 5 minutes (or some other small number). Then it will only turn on as you arrive home. This means you have to use your phone as a presence sensor. Sometimes Smartthings presence sensors work, sometimes not.

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In addition to what others have said, is turning on the Frame TV enough to bring up the picture frame mode? On my standard Samsung TV, I have to set it to Ambient Mode to get the picture frame mode.

I have a 2021 Samsung 8k TV qn800a.
I can turn it off with smartthings when it’s online. But when it’s turned off it shows as offline and can’t be switched on my smartthings or in a routine. Anyone else have this ? This could be why your routine doesn’t work. Does the TV show as online when it’s turned off?