Can't setup automation for Yale lock to unlock "When I arrive home"?

I’m just setting up my SmartThings v3 hub for the first time. Adding a new automation I start with “if this member is at home,” but when I choose the Yale Assure Lock for the “then” it says “choose what you want this device to do.” The toggle defaults to not-locked, but nothing I do will let me finish the automation…My only option is to toggle to Locked, and it lets me save routine.

Any suggestions on how I can set this up to unlock when I arrive home?

Thank you

Smartthings has changed their design philosophy for security features with the V3 app. You can no longer use an automation to unlock the lock or set the alarm state. You have to do these manually. (You might be able to do it by time of day, but that would be it.)

In the V2 classic app you could trigger these features/devices with any event that smartthings could recognize, but that’s no longer true. :disappointed_relieved:

See the community FAQ. The topic title is a clickable link. Although it lists alarm states in the thread title, the same is true for locks.


Damn that sucks. They’ll be getting a lot of nasty emails when the classic app goes away lol. Anyway thank you, I downloaded the old app and was easily able set up an unlock automation.


I have this automation running on Hub v3 and it works great.