Automatic unlock?

I’m looking for a smart app that will automatically unlock my front door when I arrive.

it just has already built into SmartThings how do I set it up?

You can do it with the Classic app using Routines, but not the new app.

How do I set it up.
I’m just double-checking to make sure I got it set up right.

Add a routine with unlock and whatever else as the actions. Then at the bottom of the routine there is an “automatically perform” menu where you can choose “someone arrives”.

Okay will test that tomorrow. But here’s another question how do I add my wife to SmartThings but naked so that she cannot change any of the settings? Basically she’s a user without administrative privileges.

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unfortunately that isn’t really possible. you can invite her via the app, but that will give her pretty much the same privileges as you. some people will buy Action Tiles and setup a dashboard for people they want to have access to only certain devices.

I want it set up to when I arrive at home it automatically unlock the door. If she’s at home I do not want the siren to go off. Is this possible?
but I’d like to set it up also if she leaves and I’m gone it automatically goes into away mode with motion. From the quick research I’ve done the only way to get the front door to automatically unlock is to change the mode to away is this correct.

You can unlock the lock independent of the mode. Which hub do you have? That will affect whether you can arm the system when everyone leaves.

My wife refuses to install the ST app, but she did agree to Life360. We use the Life360 smart app to provide presence sensing whithout her having to be on the ST app.

You might want to check it out.

P.S. regardless which presence sensor you use, expand your home ring to about 1000’. This will give the system a little more time to switch modes and reduce false alarms when returning home.

Also, if you have young kids, create a “sitter” mode in the developer tools portal. Then create a “date night” routine in automations. Program “goodbye” not to activate if the system is in sitter mode. Activate “date night” manually before you leave to keep the SHM disarmed while the sitter is there. When you get home, the “I’m back” routine will reset the mode to “home” and the automatic settings will run normally.

Unfortunately we have no kids and we had the version 2 hub.
how do I set up the Life360 to be independent of SmartThings?

good question. Tricky. Why does she have to be naked again? You misspelled butt.

sorry I have short attention span


I apologize if I missed anything on the following. Its been a while since I’ve done this.

First, you and your wife each download life360 to your phones and create free accounts.
Then, you create a circle and invite her to join.
Once you’re both in the circle, you go into ST classic, tap on Automation, SmartApps, Add a SmartApp, Social, and Life360(Connect).
Follow the instructions to log in and select your circle, home, and members.
Finally, Tap on Home, Things, Add a Thing, Add Device Manually, Sensors, Presence, Life360(Connect) and follow the instructions to create a presence device for each of you.

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It’s still not unlocking my front door automatically.
We both are using Life360 apps on are Phone and Android

Can you post a screen shot of your routine?

Let me know if those are correct if not what do I need to change?

You don’t need the door lock entry under automatically perform. Can you also check the logs for the presence devices and make sure they are coming and going as expected?

How do I get to logs from the mobile app classic. I will post screenshots

Go to the device in SmartThings and choose the recently tab.

I also need to add when I arrive home turn alarm off and when no one is home turn alarm on with motion.