Auto Unlock front door, set lights and

Hi everyone, I just made the move from Iris (by Lows) to Samsung Smart things, and love it so far. I need help setting up an automation.

I would like to set up something that will unlock my front door, run a lighting scene and possibly fire up some tunes on Sonos only when no one else is home (I have 2 roommates and it will drive them crazy if lights change when they are at the house, as I would be frustrated if I’m cooking dinner and one of the guys comes in and the cabinet under lights change from white to blue or something.

I know how to set up the lighting scene and I’m sure I can figure out the sonos thing, but the SmartThings app will not allow me to Auto Unlock the front door.

For the other variable I was thinking that I could link up the app to everyone’s phone so if someone is home the mode could switch to home and when no phones are home the mode could be set to away. I’m not sure the roommates will be cool with the app tracking their movements so I was also thinking of making a rule so if one of the main lights is on at the house my scene will not run but the front door will just Unlock. However I want the door to lock later even though my phone is in the house.

With that being said. I saw a gadget called and “arrival sensor” it looks like a key fob but I am wondering if I could hide is outside and when it picks up my phone it would trigger the actions, so when I am inside the lock will work and everything will be normal. (Btw the geofence seems like it takes up a huge footprint.) If I’m out for a walk I want the house to be locked till I’m at my sidewalk.

So to recap I need help with.

  1. how do I program my front door to unlock when a scene runs or when someone that has access to the program arrives.
  2. How do I program a scene not to run if other people are at home or in different parts of the house.
  3. If it is not possible to Auto Unlock the front door when someone arrives how do I set up different lighting scenes for each person who has a code to the front door. When I come in and accent light will be blue when my roommate comes in it will just be white)?

Samsung has changed their design philosophy for security devices in between the classic app and the new “smartthings ( Samsung connect)“ app (STSC).

What you’re describing is very easy to do in the classic app. But now in the new app, STSC, you can no longer automate the unlocking of the door or the disarming of the security system. They want you to open the app and use that. :disappointed_relieved:

You can use both apps at the same time if you want, and many people do for exactly this reason, but they have told us that the classic app willbe going away eventually, just not yet.

See the following FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link)

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You can do this with the Classic ST app, create a Routine to unlock the door and set it to run automatically when someone arrives.

If you have access to RBoy Apps, check out this app which can do what you’re looking to do above (custom actions for each user) [RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM) - #1828 by maddie