Make it a real alarm

I’m pretty happy with the alarm/security features available but it really needs to have a keypad so that dog-sitters, etc can come and go. Another feature to make it much more desirable would be connection to a cellular device. Those two features would make it a great alarm system. Any options out there?

The $39 Iris keypad sold at Lowes works well with SmartThings and is a popular choice.

You would need the custom device type handler here. That’s also a good place to find people who are using the device. :sunglasses:

Unfortunately no options for cellular at the present time.


I should try to dig up a link, but… Try Google.

There are relatively affordable “failover routers” available that take a SIM or USB cellular modem stick, that should accomplish this. I’m sure someone in community has a specific recommendation.

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Thank you for the replies. I’ve looked over the suggested threads for the keypad and it all seems very involved and not a sure thing to work reliably. I don’t quite understand why someone hasn’t marketed a working keypad as it would seem to be a popular item to add to an alarm system for a lot of people.

Peplink has routers that can use cell backup aside from 2 wan inputs. There are probably others, that’s just what I have researched before.

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may also want to do some additional reading about use of ST as a basis for a security “system”. Depending on your requirements, the reliability may not be there

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