Easiest way to get an alarm on my phone when sensor is tripped?

Hey guys. Getting some open/close sensors set up in my home. It currently gets a push notification on my phone when something is tripped but how would I go about setting it up so I get an actual alarm when something is tripped? We are moving my daughter down to the basement and I would feel much better knowing im going to be woken up should something trip.

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You can use Smart Home Monitor which is built into ST and attach an alarm like this one

Setup SHM to trigger when your sensor(s) open during a certain time of the day.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I want the alarm to sound on my phone. Not a 3rd party device.

Set an SMS notification instead of push, create a contact with the # that sends you text messages, set that contact to an “alarm” type of ringtone.

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But that will cause that to happen any time ST notified you right? That might work. Just keep so the other stuff to push alerts.

Any notification that you set as an SMS alert, yes.

I have some non-essential alerts setup with smart home monitor that are set to send push notifications.

Important things, like an intrusion or smoke/CO detected, I set to send an SMS alert.

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Got it. That’s what I’ll do. Thanks for your help.

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Any way to add a second number? Like if you use a comma or ; will it allow the notification to go to a second number.

Assuming you’re talking about built-in smartapps like SHM or “notify me when,” I don’t think so. At least not on iOS (but I’d be happy if someone can tell me I’m wrong). I use a google number which I then forward to both my phone and my wife’s. I’d much prefer that the app just send the SMS to two phones.

No. I’m referring to the built in SMS app. Both of us are on Android. But if I remember correctly each person kids into the smart things app with there own account don’t they?

Just checked on her phone and my number is what there. Yeah I’d like to know if you can put multiple numbers here for sure.

You can use tasker for that, so when you receive a notification (from smarthings with specific msg)

  • increase volume to max
  • play specific tone/music/whatever

I wonder too. In the message app you can add another person to the conversation. I wonder if adding my wife to that would get her the notification that way.

Right but there must be a smartapp within SmartThings that’s sending the alerts, I mean. Within SmartThings you can’t send to multiple SMS #s unless you use a custom smartapp.

I don’t have any android phones but android apps like tasker and sharptools probably give you a lot of options about how to receive alerts. Maybe that’ll allow you to propagate an SMS alert to your wife’s phone too.

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Thanks for all your help. They should consider making that work.

You can use webCoRE to send an SMS to multiple contacts when an event happens.

Hey. Just wanted to let you know. I was in a smart app for my door lock messing with notifications and found the following. Going to try it with the alarm notification and see if it works. I’ll report back this evening.

Which smartapp?

Lock multi user code management with notifications and automatic relock.

That’s great. Not completely familiar with all the apps available for locks created by the community vs. officially published in the ST marketplace, since I don’t have a smart lock myself. But is that a community-developed smartapp?

That’s the nice thing about smartapps and device handlers created by community developers; they can add much needed functions to the built-in ST mobile app experience. But the downside is you have to know where to look, how to install, can be more complicated to troubleshoot, etc.

Also keep in mind, if I’m understanding you correctly. You’ll receive an SMS notification to multiple #s from that smartapp, but that may only be based on events sent by a smart lock. If your door opens in the middle of the night or when you’re not home and there’s no smart lock on that door, that smartapp probably won’t help. Again, it depends on what kinds of events that smartapp is able to detect and send notifications for.