How to specify notifications for STHM alarm response?

The new STHM has options for alarm response, but not included in the list of response options is “notifications”. I want the same behavior as with SHM under Classic - if the alarm goes off a notification appears on the phone. So how does one enable alarm notifications with STHM?

It should notify you (push message), if not try to reinstall it and check the notification settings.

You can also check out this app which can be used in conjunction with the STHM dashboard but you can customize it a lot more including, entry/exit delays, beeping sounds (countdown if you’re using a Ring Keypad), announcing it over speakers, notifications and much more: [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

Sorry if I’m being daft, what did you mean by “push message” and which “notification settings”?

I’ll try to check out the app you recommended if I can get it installed. Some sort of GUI bug is preventing normal display of the SmartApps list so I have to use a cumbersome workaround to select elements of this list.

Open SmartThings Home Monitor and click on the cog in the upper right of the screen. Open each of the sections (security, smoke and leaks) and click on set up response. You can set up push, sms, audio and lights, etc.

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It was already set correctly. I needed to scroll down further to see it. Duh. :roll_eyes: