Macro Weather Goals, Ideas, and Help

So it’s currently time in my home automation roadmap to start working on macro weather for the house. My current setup is using SmartTiles and Weather Underground to have a local broadcast. I’m going to be purchasing a Netatmo Weather Station, Rain Gauge, and Wind Meter in the next few weeks and integrating that into Weather Underground to have my macro weather available on SmartTiles. What I’m looking to reproduce is how the BloomSky works ( I was thinking of purchasing a D-Link IP camera and pointing it toward the sky via a bedroom window and adding it to the SmartTiles so I can view it live at home or away from home. What I need help with is figuring out a way to take a stop motion video throughout the day similar to BloomSky so I can share it with the local community and facebook.

Is there some free software that accomplishes this, or how would you go about doing what I’ve described? All ideas are welcomed.