Any rain sensor?

Anyone tried a rain sensor? Or anyway to know if it’s raining and get notified. Thanks.

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@dianoga is working on getting the Netatmo working with SmartThings. They just opened up pre-order on a rain gauge, so that would be an option.

You could do it the non-physical way and tie into the Weather Underground integration to get current local conditions. Or there is PlantLink - though that might need to be modified to get more real-time info.

Weather underground integration would be awesome! Is this what the virtual weather tile is or is going to be using?

How does one setup the weather underground integration? Thanks.

I can say from my experience the 2 I have tried the Hunter and Orbit the 2 wire sensor do not quit open the circuit all the way. Been trying to monitor the existing water sensor on my sprinkler sensor, even tried a brand new one thinking it was the micro switch going bad but the new one did the same thing. They hold on to enough voltage that it make it hard to use a pilot relay or a open close sensor.

I am still looking for a rain sensor that truly is open and close.

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I went with the orbit wireless rain sensor it actually has a small relay that drops voltage. I use a mimo relay and its input. Tie the orbit relay to the input side so when closed I know it’s raining at my house and sprinklers are off by a routine using mimo relay. I run the wires that the rain sensor are actually suppose to go to on my controller threw the mimo relay. If sensor picks up rain and closes mimo inputs I have routine to close relay and shuts off sprinklers like normal. This way I can monitor the input and if I want I can override off with mimo relay. I also have a 36 hour delay once it senses rain and then opens (cork dries) it won’t turn relay back on for 36 hours.