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Lutron Integration @ CES?


Home Depot carries the black and almond Caseta devices, including Picos, on their website.

If you’re going to buy 10 of them, print the page, go into your local Home Depot to the contractors desk, and ask if they can special order them for you at a volume discount.

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Thanks for rubbing it in :slight_smile: I have a bunch of white. Really need black for this particular project. Seems that black is a real premium for the Caseta versions. $38+ for the same flavor as white <$15. Adds up when you need to buy 8.

(Martin) #69

Thanks JD will try that. I guess they don’t sell many in volume so prices are much higher for a different color than white.


I think it’s also just a demand issue. People who want the black devices generally care more about aesthetics and they will pay more. Happens with a lot of electronics devices, there’s a mark up on the black ones. Even minimotes.


You could always use this :wink:

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Believe me, I’ve considered this. Settled on dark sunglasses for the family at all times. Now if only Google glass had an app…


Keep in mind the Leviton DZC switches/dimmers have recently been completely redesigned. They are bog simple for any guest to operate. I’m not saying the Lutron isn’t nice stuff. I own and use Caseta devices. I’m saying that the new DZC devices are no different to operate than any common paddle switch.

There isn’t really much of a price difference, so use whichever you prefer (once ST integrates with Lutron, that is). You’ll pay slightly more to implement the Leviton in a 3-way setup, as the matching remote switch is well over $20. A Caseta dimmer with pico remote plus a wall mount bracket for the pico is about $5 less total if you’re looking to retain 3-way functionality on an existing setup.

As I add more, I’ll likely use the new Leviton devices. I simply prefer the ergonomics of them. My entire kitchen is using Caseta dimmers as well as a wall mounted Lutron Connected Bulb remote to control Lightify under cabinet strips, so it’s not like I’m some kind of Lutron hater.


Can you provide a link to the redesigned Leviton switches to which you’re referring? I’d love to check them out and it’s not obvious to me which ones they are from the Leviton site. Thanks!


The new models start with (x)51 in the prefix of the model number.

Leviton shows the new product in their online store, but not on their product web pages last I checked. The old Decora Z-wave dimmers had the dimmer horizontally mounted in the top of the paddle. The new dimmers have the dimmer mounted vertically alongside the paddle and the switches operate in an up/down fashion just like a regular paddle, though they return to center after being depressed. The new models are Z-wave Plus.


Leviton does appear to have a product page for these now and they are calling them “Decora Smart with Z-wave”

Again, I don’t think one is better than the other in the discussion of Lutron vs Leviton, and I have both. Both work very well and I’ve had zero issues with either.

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Thanks for making this Leviton option clear. I had not considered it. The form factor does look much improved.

Can you share if my assumptions about the dimmer memory are correct?

EDITTED: Dimming controls are available in the same interface from the remote / 3-way locations, like the DD00R-DLZ.

The main dimmer setting is remembered, such that the main or remote “on” switches return the circuit to the prior dimming level. There is not special functionality from pushing and holding, or double tapping. There is no way to force the circuit quickly to all the way on-- just holding the dimmer bar to “up”.

Is that correct? This may be my top choice if the Lutron<->SmartThings integration is done poorly by one side or the other.

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I’m trying to figure out how to add it now. Don’t see Lutron on the ‘works with smartthings’ site or in the app yet.

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I won’t get a chance until late this evening. Let us know on your progress.

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Exact same problem I am having. Although I am not home and won’t be until after work. I have searched the whole smartthings app and Lutron Caseta app.


Must be pending an update from SmartThings. On a conference call now but I’ll try calling Lutron support later. Excited about this! Getting an Echo definitely made things a lot easier working with the two but will be nice to remove all these virtual switches and activities I’ve set up hacking it to work through my Harmony hub.

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Doesn’t Lutron have a ceiling fan/light solution? And will it work with this or is it just their Caseta line?

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Hi folks, started a thread on the release here.

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Just so everyone knows in case someone is looking to buy Lutron, this doesn’t work fully and is sort of half assed. Lutron does instant status, so you turn a switch on and the app instantly updates, making it perfect to trigger other scenes. With Smartthings it does not do instant status. If you set an event saying “if lutron light turns on, then turn on the fireplace” there’s a 5-10 second delay before it happens, so clearly is polling. If I did that same thing from the lutron bridge it turns on instantly, same with using Lutron with HomeSeer. So just be aware there’s no instant status.


Is this something @ady624’s solution would help with?