Slight issue with lutron hub / smarthings hub

I have many of my lights on the Lutron switches (long story why) and they are great, but they don’t connect directly to the smarthings as they are not zwave. so I got the lutron hub which connected to the Smarthings hub and all has worked great, until about a month ago.

Now, in order for the smarthings to work for those lights, I have to goto settings, then click on linked services, then click lutron… once I do that, all the lights show “online” again.

anyone know why or a solution to this? otherwise in general I’m very happy with both lutron and smarthings but this is very annoying. I’ve tried to re boot both devices and I recently switched my wifi from airports to orbi however both of these hubs are hardwired to the modem

actually I just went into the lutron app and under connected devices, it did not show Samsung… so i clicked on linked services in the ST app as I do every day to get access working, then went back to lutron and it showed up.

so it seems that the Samsung Smarthings app is not “automatically” connecting to the lutron as it was before for many years.

SmartThings has been switching users over to a newer integration for Lutron Caseta. This has caused some issues. Mainly a lag in the status of the lutron devices reporting their status properly in the ST app. There were also some issues in scenes and automations but those have been resolved. To resolve the status issue, the best method is to remove the Lurton integration (as painful as it can be) and reconnect again.

Another option would be to contact ST support :slight_smile:

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interesting… I have not tried that. thank you. will try that now and yes, I recall that process being painful lol… I think I kept the directions and will try to reconnect. will that wipe out all my automations of those lights etc?

You may want to take screenshots of any automations/scenes with lutron devices. If the automations only contain lutron devices, then I believe those are deleted. If the automations contain lutron devices and other devices, then I believe those are not removed when removing an integration.

thanks. going to try now but I can’t find the instructions of how to reconnect them… I’m not sure I remember off the top of my head but hopefully I can figure it out. Yes, I did exactly that, took screen shots of the automations, those aren’t hard to re do… more worried about re installing the lutron hub to the ST hub…

more worried about re installing the lutron hub to the ST hub…

Actually, you’re just going to connect the two accounts cloud to cloud by authorizing one to see the other. It’s not about the two hubs.

So just choose “add a device“ in the smartthings app, search by brand, choose Lutron, pick a light switch, and then follow the directions. It will ask you to sign into your Lutron account and once you do that, all your Lutron devices which can work with smartthings will show up. :sunglasses:

perfect, got it and thank you. worked like a charm. I won’t know until later/tomorrow if the problem goes away as usually it worked until the next day for some reason.

the only issue I see now, is when I back to add my “lighting animation”, which controls 8 dimmers throughout the house, all the devices show up twice. I went ahead and just selected the duplicates and figured trial and error here… but any idea how to fix that?

In the devices tab, all came back correctly, they are only duplicated when i added a new lighting automation and then clicked on the select devices to choose… strange. hopefully it works the way I did it selecting both, if not, do you know how to fix this?

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I’m sorry, I don’t, maybe @jkp does?

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Did you remove the previous integration before adding the new one?

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Yes removed from ST app. Then it was automatically removed from Lutron. Maybe I’ll try a power off and on cycle ?

What is Lighting Animation?

sorry, Smart Lighting under Automations tab not animation lol.

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here’s a pic of the duplicates in the app

in the Devices section of the ST app, do they show up as duplicates?

No, only under the automations, smart lighting. It might not be a big deal if it works , and worst case I guess incan do each one individually in the devices section but that’s a pain when I want to change the time on of the 8 devices , instead of changing it once light in daylight savings or when I want to modify it because it gets darker earlier etc. beyond that, i suppose I could also just do it in the Lutron app itself. It’s too bad I have 3 z wave devices otherwise I would need ST at all lol.

Smart Lighting is an app that will be phased out when groovy is shut down

I don’t know what that means or why, but are you saying I’ll have no way in the ST app to set a schedule for my 8 dinners to go on and off at set times, without having to do them one by one? If so, I’ll just transfer the scheduling to the Lutron app directly.

You can create Automations and Scenes. Automations do not have all the features that Smart Lighting has. There are some new items coming… Rules API and Samsung Automation Studio.

Keep using Smart Lighting for now but start looking at Automations and be aware there will be a day when Smart Lighting goes away.

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