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Lutron Integration @ CES?

(Rafael Chiquin) #81

Exact same problem I am having. Although I am not home and won’t be until after work. I have searched the whole smartthings app and Lutron Caseta app.


Must be pending an update from SmartThings. On a conference call now but I’ll try calling Lutron support later. Excited about this! Getting an Echo definitely made things a lot easier working with the two but will be nice to remove all these virtual switches and activities I’ve set up hacking it to work through my Harmony hub.

(Paul Haskins) #83

Doesn’t Lutron have a ceiling fan/light solution? And will it work with this or is it just their Caseta line?

(Alan) #84

Hi folks, started a thread on the release here.

(NoneNone) #85

Just so everyone knows in case someone is looking to buy Lutron, this doesn’t work fully and is sort of half assed. Lutron does instant status, so you turn a switch on and the app instantly updates, making it perfect to trigger other scenes. With Smartthings it does not do instant status. If you set an event saying “if lutron light turns on, then turn on the fireplace” there’s a 5-10 second delay before it happens, so clearly is polling. If I did that same thing from the lutron bridge it turns on instantly, same with using Lutron with HomeSeer. So just be aware there’s no instant status.


Is this something @ady624’s solution would help with?