Lutron Caseta Integration

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Wiring Assistance: Will the PD-6WCL work with my wiring?

I currently have a generic LED dimmer switch connected. It was added off of an outlet.

My question is will the PD-6WCL work with these wires? It is my belief the green wire coming out of the switch and connected to a black wire is the common. Is there a port on the back of the PD-6WCL to plug in a common? If not, do I simply cap off the unused common in the wall?

Appreciate the feedback.

My existing dimmer switch and the wires they are connected to.

Below is a side view of the Lutron PD-6WCL switch with neutral.

I would ignore the switch and look at what comes out of the wall and test it. Looks like you have white which is typically the neutral but it is wired to the black on the switch which is weird and they should have marked it with white tape to signal the neutral.

Then you have the two reds that are probably the switch itself.

Not sure why the green would be wired to a black… I would test and start fresh.

Is this the switch? If so, looks like they just cap the neutral.

Make sure to keep the neutrals together if there are more or some other outlets/switches might not work.