Lowes iris motion sensor $24.99, smart plug $29.99, keypad $31.99



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And security keypad:

https://www.lowes.com/pd/Iris-White-Security-Alarm-Keypad-Works-with-Iris/999925326 (SAVE 20% thru 04/17/2017)

For anyone on the fence, the motion sensor works great and is one of the smaller ones on the market.
I have one in the kitchen that will turn on my light switch when I get into the kitchen. Very fast. It’s faster than the monoprice z-wave ones and I have not had a single false positive with this one like I get with the smartthings v1 and v2 motion sensors.

The keypad works solidly as well, but until a delay feature is set up in SHM, it’s not a viable option for a lot of households unfortunately.

I took advantage of the sale on the motion sensors, but, I have a Lowe’s a couple miles away but they have never carried any of the iris stuff, they told me Lowe’s had pulled it out of any store that iris sales were not doing well…When I placed the order online yesterday, it showed they were now available at my Local Store. When I picked them up, the store clerk told me that Lowe’s was now putting the iris stuff back into a lot of their stores…Just a Little FYI…

Looks like prices are back to normal. So much for sale till 4/17/17. :frowning: