Iris Plug Gen 2- $12.60/ea - renovo coupon shipping available 2 locations!

(Jason) #1

Lowes Iris Plug $12.60/ea at 2 Locations

I bought 5 and used a renovo $10 off $50 to bring my cost down to $53 + tax with free shipping (if you stay above 50 you get free shipping)


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man… this site sux… just bought another 4 plugs. Not that I need them. already have extra plugs all over the house but you but more is better right? should help with the mesh :slight_smile:


yea how dare you make me spend more money :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the heads up dude :slight_smile: in for 5 when i have no idea what I will be using them for lol

(Allan Klein) #4

In for 5. Thanks @schapper05. I’d give a thumbs up and rep you, but we’re not on SD.

(Cris D) #5

5 for me too. Thanks!


I see a trend forming. 5 here too.

(James Yeo) #7

I got 5 on it!! Er… ordered!

(Kevin) #8

Shows $31.49 now for me, are there other zips I can try?

(Jason) #9

click the change store button at the top of the screen, then enter in the city/state and click on the “make this my store” button. Price should update accordingly

(Christopher) #10

Seeing as how so many people are jumping on this deal, I assume they work well with ST? Just curious as to why they’re a fourth of the price of the ST ones. Cheers!

(Jason) #11

Yes they do, You can use them to repeat Both zigbee and Zwave mesh:

(Jason) #12

don’t put it on SD! then all us STers will be out of a deal in minutes!

(Christopher) #13

Thanks for the info!

(Christopher) #14

In the spirit of SD… In for 50!

(Realy Living Dream) #15

Set your store as Carrolton GA ( as per screenshot in OP ) price will drop .

I just grabbed 5 for $56.30 ( not including the %3 Ebate rebate) tax included with Renovo $10 off $50. Less than the cost of 2 locally

These are actually better, since they are Zigbee out and a Z-wave repeater. Links above on how to include it as both zigbee outlet and Z-wave device.
As per his screenshot use Carrollton GA as your store . I just grabbed 5 for $56.30 - %3 ebates rebate using Renovo $10 off $50

(Eric) #16

Thanks for posting.

I expect this deal to evaporate in a few minutes. Wonder how many orders will get cancelled.

(Kevin) #17

Thank you, I thought the store/zip was embedded in the URL. Selecting the Carrolton GA store per screenshot worked for me.

Iris Smart Plug
(Bobby) #18

YOU GUYS ARE KILLING ME! I don’t need more outlets…I ordered 3. Zip 30161. Shipping from parcel. 12.60 each. Thanks for sharing. This is an awesome deal. @bamarayne time to hide 100 of these in your garage.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #19

I refuse to look at the deals… Must… Not… Buy… More… Until… Others… Are… Installed…




lol jk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: