Lowes sale

Incase if any one needs it.

Iris 1-Sensor Indoor Door And Window Sensor
$21.24 Was $24.99

Iris Security Motion Detector (best motion sensor so far. better than smartthings motion sensor)
$29.74 Was $34.99

Iris 120-Volt White Smart Plug
$32.29 Was $37.99


I agree. I have 2 and they have been rock solid. I only use my smartthings brand motion sensor for some automation tasks. Way too unreliable for any security purposes.

Type in Alexandria for the store, the outlets are 50% off. Picked up 3 yesterday.

What do you mean? I’ve tried store location and coupon code…

When i changed my store to Alexandria the price was 50%, i did it on my computer

What zip code?

Zip is 22306

Oh sorry, I got the other Iris outlet

Not sure if the difference between the two

Don’t think these work with ST…

The smartplugs act as zigbee and zwave extender

The 3120 is the same Centralite Zigbee as the ST branded ones with an additional ZW repeater and work fine with ST
The P1PA-LW does NOT work with ST, unless someone has made development that I haven’t heard.


15% off Sclange z-wave door lock

Which Model do you use? “Iris 120-Degree Passive Infrared Security Motion Detector or Iris Motion Sensor”

This one

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Tell me that’s not on your toilet. :raised_hand: :toilet::joy: