Lowes Iris Contact sensors $17.99 until 11/16 YMMV Update $12.99 with code

Lowes Iris Contact sensors $17.99 until 11/16 YMMV


You may be able to save even more with this Lowes code generator:


If you buy three with the $15 off $50 code, unit price is only $12.99 each


Looks like most of the Osram Lightify stuff is 14-25% off too.

This is also on sale. Other than visually, whats the difference? Work with ST?


the first gen will NOT work with ST, they are proprietary ZigBee and will ONLY work with Iris hub

Thanks. Strike those from the list then for sure!

Is that code generator working for anyone else? It seems that the number is one digit short.

Just used it buying some bulbs

Just tried it on the website, it works there. For some reason the app doesn’t like the code.

Got four @ 15 each, since they charge shipping on 3 after the discount. Still a great deal, thank you!

I picked up two in my store which is all they had. Thanks for posting.