Lowes Iris door/window sensor

Hey guys, I’m new to the forum but a very long time lurker…

The question I have (and I’m not quite sure if this is the right place to post) is I’m currently looking for addition lowes iris door/window sensors but I’m not sure how to go about finding them from other states.

I ask because i’ve seen a couple posts before where members have input the price for each state as in some states the price is lower is lower or on sale.

…so technically I’m looking for a deal on them but not sure how to go about finding the state that has them at a lower price.

google Lowe’s price checker

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I have searched, and unless you live in Grove, OK, there are not currently any deals to be had. Nothing is available for shipping under $22.49.

Thank you guys… I’ll wait it out until they either drop in price or keep randomly checking from time to time.

If you are looking for inexpensive sensors maybe look at this thread? I have a few sensors on order right now.

What items are you looking for? I am going to sell some IRIS stuff that I have, new in box and a couple that I have opened.

I have 4 motion sensors, 4 door/window, a keypad, a hub, 2 outlets

Is it true the 3320-L works with ST?
How about the 3326-L and the newer smart outlet?

I haven’t opened my ST hub yet and i didn’t like paying $10/mo for the extra features. (On the iris hub)

Thanks in advance, I’m new to this stuff

What $10 month ?
By " newer smart outlet" I will assume you mean the new WiFi plug and the answer is no, not until/unless somebody can figure out how to get in integrated. Being WiFi it would not be direct unless ST can get it over LAN.

I guess the New wifi outlets aren’t selling well my local had the marked down to $5 the other day. I picked up 12 for a friend who gave all his children Echo Dots for Christmas. Each will get 3 to spark the home automation fire.

I looked for an IFTTT integration but nothing yet


say I wanted to tie an IRIS motion sensor to the smart plug 3210-L i thought you had to subscribe to the $10 a month service (if using the IRIS hub)

I was hoping to use these IRIS parts that I have with smartthings if I can

The newer Iris devices that come in boxes (not the plastic clamshell) generally work w/SmartThings as far as I know, no subscription to anything is required.

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