Lowes Lutron Caseta Switch ~ $32.50 after discounts

Shipping available at several stores


-$15 Lowes coupon
-5% from Top Cash Back

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Is this just the regular price minus the everyday coupon and a site discount? Or is this a special sale?

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~20% ($10) Less then most other Lowes. With Lutron Castea compatibility announced last week I was searching for a cpl more in wall switches and found these. I noticed these were cheaper and thought I’d past it along.

No luck generating a -$15 Lowes coupon that works. Tried 3x’s none of the codes work at checkout

I’m in the process of Lutroning my house. But this is the plugin lamp controller.

I got the proper dimmer switch and hub in today. It’s great. No neutral required! And it’s extremely responsive via ST.

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I had picked hub and dimmer kit 3+ months ago. Almost sold it on eBay a cpl times. Installed it and linked the 2 Pico remote wall plate kits I picked up for $3 a piece. Everything installed and paired without issue. I replaced a 3 way set up paired and programmed the lights in 30 minutes. (Lutron app had already been installed.) Never came close to doing it that quickly with the GE’s.

I’ll knock out 1 more 3-way and a 4-way on the main floor this weekend and and move the old dimmers to bedrooms upstairs.

I’ve been watching for sales on the pico remote kits but haven’t found another sale. At $24 each if you buy the in pairs with a Lowes coupon they come out a little cheaper then the GE add-on switch (at regular price).

These Lutrons are very nice. They are also small. It’s so much easier to get them in the outlet box. The GEs and the Levitons take up all the room It’s nearly impossible to pack all the wire nuts in the box. . . .

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I’m new to lutrons. Do these switches need a hub to work ?

Yes; the Lutron is needed.

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