Lowes lightify br30 bulbs $1.88 0r $1.56

Do these work well with Smartthings? Can’t argue with the price if they work well and better than my link bulbs.

If these are the sylvania/osram lightify bulbs - I have a bunch of their floods outside w/out issue - do you have a link/model# ?

I think the lightify line had smart bulbs and not smart bulbs… gotta make sure they are the smart ones. If so, my lightify bulbs have been rock solid for a couple years now. Way better than those garbage link bulbs I bought dirt cheap nearly at the same time

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Do you have a link to these bulbs at that price?

wait what ? link ?

let the hunt begin


Haha … I’ve hunted … not seeing $1.88 … maybe just at his local lowes … looks like a run to lowes

Sorry busy day and didn’t check back earlier. It is the price at my local lowes and when I went to pick up the bulbs they could only find 4 of the 18 I ordered that showed as store stock. I also looked and could not locate the rest. I did however find osram lightify recessed light kits fot $2.50 a piece. Thanks for the good news of their reliability.

I replaced all my recessed lights with the 5-6" OSRAM RGBW a couple years ago, have been pretty solid. Especially since ST has been able to update the bulb FW. Much better than the A19 Osram bulbs.

My local lowes had 5 of these for $1.88 thanks for the tip!