Lowes Sylvania(Lightify) Bulbs for 75% off. Pickup in store

Use below link to find available products in store near you. Available for pickup only.


A couple of them below:
60 W Equivalent Dimmable Soft White A19 LED Light Fixture Light Bulb --> $9.90
65 W Equivalent Dimmable Full Spectrum BR30 LED Flood Light Bulb–> $11.24

This one doesn’t make any sense: https://www.lowes.com/pd/SYLVANIA-LIGHTIFY-60-W-Equivalent-Dimmable-Soft-White-A19-LED-Light-Fixture-Light-Bulb/50414582

$9.95 and comes with a Gateway while the Gateway itself is $35.

Too bad I’ve upgraded every bulb in my house already…some really good deals. Should add Lightify to the title also in case someone is searching as it looks like its good until December or more likely while supplies last. Wonder if they are getting rid of the current models and replacing.

I checked my local store and yes the gateway also is included in that pack. Also, One thing I noticed is the Online count of available products was way off. My local store had around 12 of the 60W A19 LED’s whereas online it said they had only one of them. YMMW but I suggest checking out the store aisles themselves, for the bulb’s.


Yeah, my own area Lowe’s were out of stock of most of the best stuff. Luckily I happened to be on a road trip and hit the mother lode in Cape Girardeau MO. Looking forward to finding fun things to do with the RGBW strips.


Sylvania is changing its name (again!) So the new devices will be called Sylvania smart plus. They are changing the SKU on the packaging, so the ones with the older name (lightify) are being discontinued at a number of retailers. This is creating some bargain buying opportunities, definitely! The devices are the same, it’s just the box that’s changing. :sunglasses:


Our local menards is doing the same thing- although not quite as good of a deal. I picked up 6 A19 RGBW bulbs for the outside of my house at $20/each a month or so ago.

You can get it online, without going to the store. Got the bulb and Gateway for $9.99

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Just so everybody knows, ST can update the firmware natively now. So no more reason to have Lightify bridge to check, update the bulbs.


I have one of the liquify light strips I had cut it in half to fit an area and I have about 2 ft left of the other half. If I got the Gateway would that be able to control the other half or does it have to be a direct connection which I assume it would.

My store shows no availability and no parcel shipping. Any tip on an online store that will ship?

In my experience if you can find a store that has them in stock set it as your “local” store and then do the shipping option. Usually they will ship from the closest store that actually has them for the same price you selected.

I may have purchased a DeWalt drill/driver set that was on sale only in HI and AK and had it shipped to Ohio using this method successfully…

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Lowe’s has been cracking down on the shipping of clearance items. Sale items are ok, but nonstandard clearance priced items are a lot harder to get shipped lately.

It’s been awhile since I’ve used their strips, but as I remember their strips have a male (pins) end and a female (socket) end. The receiver/controller has a short pigtail with a female end. You’ve plugged a strip in using the male end of the strip and cut that strip in half leaving you with a strip with a cut end and a female end.

To make that cut piece useful, you may use one of two methods: 1) unplug your strip from the receiver/controller and install a “T” or “Y” shaped adapter (the adapter has one male and two female connections) and then you replug in your first piece into one leg of the “T”. Now to be able to use your second cut off strip, you need a male to male adapter (a small piece with pins out both sides). Plug the male to male adapter into the “T”. Now plug the scrap strip’s female onto the male to male adapter. 2) Buy a second receiver/controller, get/buy a male to male adapter, plug it into receiver/controller and plug scrap strip (female end) into male to male adapter.

So as explained, if I remember correctly, you need to buy some stuff to make your scrap piece useful. It is unlikely you will find what you need wherever you bought the strip (Lowe’s?), but there is an OSRAM Lightify adapter kit. It includes splitters (“T” or “Y”) and extension cables and male to male pin adapters. Nearly everything you need to make your scrap piece functional and or make uncut pieces into two or three strips.

If you add a second receiver/controller, you will still need a male to male adapter.

Things to remember, number of pins. OSRAM strip come in two flavors, four pins or five pins. Make sure you buy everything with the right number of pins.

Remember the strips and all connections are polarities sensitive. Most OSRAM stuff has a little tiny arrow on the strips and "T"s and extension cables. The arrows must match (point at each other) or nothing works.

Amazon sells everything you may need

	SYLVANIA Smart+ Flexible Strip Connectors for Smart Home (14 pieces) - Connected LED Light Strips, 73826 (Formerly LIGHTIFY), Works with Amazon Alexa 

Sylvania Smart Home

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Funny. I was saying something similar to my wife this morning. Lowe’s is the only online store where I never know if I’ve actually made a purchase.

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i was able to score a ton of bulbs and 4 switches, ordered more switches last week but they have let to ship and i wonder if they actually will ship. Received emails indicating there was a delay in my shipment for each order (could only order 1 at a time parcel shipping). They basically asked me if I was willing to wait which I said yes. Interestingly enough the product can still be ordered for parcel shipping.

@smckdwn989 may or may not be related- but our dryer died last week and we got a deal on one at lowes. They mentioned then that they are having tons of distribution problems right now with the texas and florida hurricanes, and that they’re trying to give priority to deliveries for people in those areas. That might be the cause of some of your delays.

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So basically if I want to use the cut part in a different area of my house I need another adapter / controller to plug into correct?

This is such a great deal. Time to make a road trip to visit family while I stop at Lowe’s along the way. Just picked up 11 full color bulbs for about $8 a piece.


This is difficult for me to explain but without soldering, you must make the +, R, G, W, B match from controller to strip to strip to strip. This means you cannot connect your scrap to a new uncut strip. The scrap must be flipped over in order to make +, R, G, W, B match. So rolled out flat your new uncut strip would have the LEDs facing up and the scrap would be LEDs face down.

So, another controller just for your scrap or a"T" or “Y” on your existing controller to hook up two cut pieces. The second method will be distance limited.

Send a private email to discuss this more so we can get this discussion out of here.

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I appreciate the information