Osram Lightify Color 2 Packs at Costco (15 - 30% cheaper than amazon single packs)

Saw these Costco 2 packs that are 15 - 30% off the amazon prices.

Flood Lights - 27% off

Recessed - 20% off

Bulbs - Nevermind, they’re cheaper at Menards.


Nice find, the only thing is the bulbs are actually cheaper at Menards at 27.99 each shipped

The other 2 deals are only about $5 off the normal prices so great if you want that costco warranty lol.

30% off Reg price where ? Lightify RGBW cans are $39 ea every day everywhere so $79 for 2 pack is normal price.

Sorry, I saw the cans on Amazon for $49.99: https://amzn.com/B0196M601A
The floods are $44.99: https://amzn.com/B0196M5YAS.

Those are the prices I was comparing them to. I didn’t realize that the normal price is usually lower.

The tunable whites are 39 ea, the Colors are 49.99(if not let me know where)

Do these work directly with smartthings or do they require a separate app?

Works with ST. Lightify app not needed.

The RGBW recessed fixture is actually $44.99 at home depot normally :slight_smile:

Heads up, I just bought 3 of the floods at my local HD for $10.03 each on clearance. The cans were on a similar clearance, but not the A19’s. They’re still $40.

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Lowes for starters

They were on sale for $19 a couple months ago, bought out the Lowes then got HD to pricematch and bought them out. HD MGR was not happy letting $45 bulbs go out for $18 ( match + 10% )

Yeah those are the tunable whites for 39.98. (I got in on the deal as well sure wish i wouldve ordered a few more though) the best deal i know of for the tunables is to buy three from lowes with a 20 off reno. Brings them to about 33/ea

The ones I got are definitely RGBW not the tunable white. If you look at the picture in the listing it shows the different colors on the bulb even though the description says tunable white