At lowes Osram bulb


Thanks, excellent deal. I thought I did good a few weeks ago @ 25% off … looks like I’ll have to figure out a few more places for these.

Sweet, it looks like all the Lightify stuff is 40% off till tomorrow at Lowes:

Just be aware of the issue of Lightify a19 breaking ZigBee meshes Good opportunity to pick up Lightify hub for FW updates though.$26 for A19 starter kits.

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I’ve got a few led strips and they work fine with ST, in case someone is wondering.

They are not recognized by the Lightify Gateway tough. Could be because they were “already” synchronize, with ST?

You can only connect to one controller. To add them to Lightify hub you would need to reset ( off/on 5x, wait 10 sec for them to blink/go through rainbow) then have Osram gateway look for them. Have hub in inclusion mode turn them off then on, ( If I remember correctly ) . Once Osram hub finds them it will tell you if they need updating.
Once updated DO NOT remove them from Osram from the app. Jus cycle them off/on again to reset at the bulb, ST will now be able to find them again. As long as you reset them at the bulb, not in the app they will go right back where they belong.

Ugh… that’s what I tought. Thanks!

Well I should correct myself, if you do remove them from Osram via the app, they will be right back in inclusion mode and able to put back in ST ( if I remember, been a while since I was playing around updating Osram FW) . So once updated , if you click remove in Osram app, just have ST looking, turn them off/on once and they should go right back into ST. You will only need to cycle 5x the next time you want to check/update FW. I usually get bored/ambitious enough to do it every 6-12 months.

I haven’t been paying enough attention to this and of course this is going to bite me in the ass now… :slight_smile:

I jumped ship from TCP to Cree bulbs, which works well enough with ST (fingers crossed) and I have literally 20+ dumb BR30s that I want to replace – mostly because they use 3-4 way switches, so either replacing the bulbs or the switches would be a nightmare.

I’m wondering if I would be inviting more problems by trying to get yet another bulb vendor in the house, or if this A19 mesh issue is also present with the Osram BR30s.

I would rather not get anything that requires another hub and cloud-to-cloud integration, because that’s how I ended up getting burnt by TCP. :slight_smile: