Lowes Iris Smart Plugs $23.30 until 12/5

My 12/3 order was originally going to ship on 12/5. Received an email saying it was delayed until 12/7. Today is 12/8, still listed as In Process. No emails, card not charged. :unamused:

I have two packages that FedEx has notified me about. I have two open orders with Lowe’s also.

Order Date       QTY   Price   Status
11/24/2016        1    $9.39   Shipped
12/05/2016        3    $46.01  In Process

My guess is that the two shipments are these…

I’d like to also brag that my cheapest order was $8.37 for one smart plug.

If you any of you still want these at a decent price, they are in ebay (not me) 2 for $54.99.


Thank you for that. I had already installed the device. The device is found, but it still shows please wait as the picture shown above. I have tried removing the device, delete the DTH and reinstalling it, and I get the same message

If we are going to brag, I bought 8 for $7.44 each.


More like, sharing the thrill of the deal then bragging I think

$7.44 for a dual duty device is a great deal.

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$23 & $35 are great and good deals. Anything less than $15 is insane!

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Mine order is still in process…
No card to the credit card.

Keep the faith, Dan… Mine shipped last night from a 12/3 order.

I’m in the same boat as you. I emailed customer support yesterday, and they replied and told me that my 12/3 order for 2 is scheduled to ship today (even though the latest email said Wednesday). I guess we’ll see if that actually happens or not.

Just got an email. It shipped and arrives 12/19 lol - 3 week delivery schedule

LOL… Mine, too… Even thought the order status indicated that it was being processed in Miami, it shipped via UPS from California. I didn’t know UPS even had 11-day delivery service! ROFL!

Shipping may be slow, but at least yours is on the way. They just missed their THIRD shipping date for my order.

All of my orders have now shipped.

In case anyone is interested, my last order of 3 devices on 12/5… They shipped it in 3 separate packages from the same place. 2 plugs on the same day and 1 a few days later.

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My 12/3 order was finally charged to my card. Only two days after the third shipping estimate.

That’s awesome. I got six for $54 back in May. Never figured I’d use them all, but it’s happening… if/when another deal like this occurs, I’ll have to jump on it as I can see at least another three spots where they might come in handy.

EDIT: also worth noting is that I did not pair all of them as zwave repeaters. I only did that with four, which are the ones at the “far flung corners” of the house. The operating hypothesis is that while I certainly do want the protocol repeated as far as possible, I also want as few devices as needed to accomplish that. Fewer devices = fewer things that can go wrong.

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I haven’t been successful getting the one I already have to pair as a zwave repeater. Hopefully the two on the way will work better. Luckily one of them will eventually be plugged in about two feet away from my hub, so it won’t need to be a repeater in the first place.

I had problems pairing the Zwave repeater too. Moved closer to the hub and they paired instantly.


5 QUICK TAPS of the button while plugged in and LED will flash a couple times, then done.

I have an " extra" outlet right next to ST hub. Any/all A/C plug in devices are included sitting there <1 foot from hub. ( There are days I consider cutting the end off an old extension cord for including wall switches & outlets by plugging them in there. ) Then moved to their permanent homes.

Just have a question about these outlets I bought. If I use the smartpower device type do they still act as zigbee repeater? If I am not using the zwave repeater function and I dont seem to have any zwave problems is there a reason I should be using zwave repeater?

Yes to the first. If you have no issues with zwave, don’t bother with these, they are hokey to begin with.