Lowes Iris Smart Plugs $23.30 until 12/5

Thanks. It’s letting me select up to 2. Better than nothing!

That was where the free shipping on all orders T’day & BF came in. Placed 5 orders for 1 w/free shipping

You got in just under the wire. Even stores priced at $23.30 will only give up one now.

It appears it depends on where they will be shipping from. Mine limits to 3. When I add 4 it says something to the effect of “this many aren’t available from the shipping location” which I assume is my local warehouse.

That’s the same message that I’m getting. And it’s no longer letting me get the 2. Oh well.

Ordered from S. Boston and then they cancelled it. :frowning:

Hmmm, mine still says “In Process.” When did you order? Mine was placed on December 3.

I ordered 12/4…Jerks! :wink:

I ordered 12/3, and mine is also “In Process”… Sorry… :frowning:

I’m just hoping they aren’t working their way backwards and cancelling more! I have been refreshing my order status every few minutes… haha

I ordered 3 more on 12/5. Still processing.

I just checked my order from 12/3 for 3 of these plugs and the status says “Shipped”, but the last email I have from them is the “Your Merchandise Has Been Delayed”, so no tracking number yet. :question:

Update: They charged my credit card yesterday so this did ship. :thumbsup:

Mine shipped…



For those of you late to class

Sevierville, TN 5 $23.30 Yes
Cumming, GA 0 $23.30 Yes
E. Evansville, IN 0 $23.30 Yes
Carbondale, IL 0 $23.30 Yes
Ridgeland, MS 2 $23.30 Yes

Carbondale says “unntil 12/5” but let me put 3 on the cart @23.30

My last $9.39 order just shipped. Still waiting on the order I did yesterday to ship.

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Final on my most recent order:

  • Ordered from South Boston on 12/3
  • Shipped from Windham, ME on 12/5
  • Received via FedEx on 12/6
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The order I did just yesterday 3 @ 13.98 still says in process, but I got a second FedEx notification today and they billed my credit card.

Can anyone help a girl out with one of the $15 off $50 codes?

Much appreciated!

msg’d you


$23.30 lives on in Sevierville TN.

Fire sale? :fire_engine: