Iris Keypad Lowes $10 good till 04/17/2017

Lowes has the IRIS keypads on sale for $10.00 offer good till 04/17/2017


Prices vary by store. My closest store has had it at $10 for three weeks now. Others in the area have it at either $10 or $23.99.

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The Lowe’s varying degrees of in store clearance on Iris has been discussed for a couple months.
I believe some have the keypad for $7
Nothing around me though.

$7 would be nice. Cheapest in my area is $10 right now. I don’t really need it, so I haven’t pulled the trigger at $10. But at $7 or less, I might pick one up just to mess around with.

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Mine is showing discounted 20% at $31.99.

How do i get the $10 pricing?

I still have the 2 Comcast ones I picked up last year . Only using them for the temp/motion since I already have touchscreen locks. Original thought was to mount them outside to get around the no delay in SHM. . #ImpulseBuy

I looked around a bit, and I see lots of threads related to the Iris Keypad, but
where is the best thread to find out about compatibility, how well it works, what people are actually using it for, etc?

The keypad is used with Lock code manager to change SHM mode. It also has Motion & Temp sensor. So you use it just as designed to arm/disarm ST.
It DOES NOT register individual button presses, so before you ask, you can’t use it as a scene selector or to control devices. It can only be used as an alarm keypad to arm/disarm your system or as a motion, temp sensor.

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OK, cool. Thanks. :slight_smile:
I think I generally knew all of that before, but hearing it again brings other questions to mind.
In absence of a good, known thread for this, I’ll ask here (point me elsewhere if you know of a good thread for this)…

  1. Can it be used to change SHM mode outside of the context of having any actual smart locks?
    i.e. can I just connect it, and use ‘Some SmartApp’ with it to change SHM modes, or does it only work in conjunction with locks?

  2. Motion Sensor? Really?
    Where is the motion sensor on this thing?

  3. Temp Sensor Reliable?
    $10 is an amazing deal for a reliable temperature sensor. Even if that’s all this thing had, this would be worth going to get a few. Is it reliable?

Thanks in advance.

You do not need a lock. You use this keypad in place of the keypad on a lock to disarm the system. Issue being that SHM does not have a delay, so if you have contact sensors on the door you need to mount this outside so you can disarm before you open the door and trigger the alarm.

It has a motion / proximity sensor on the face of it to light up the keys as you approach it. Just like any other alarm keypad would have. So yes, if mounted outside the front door you could get alerts if anybody walked up to the door. Turn up brightness of outside lights ( if smartlights) or turn on interior lights, etc.

As reliable as any other motion/temp sensor.

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Thanks. Good info here.

None of the home security alarms that I’ve ever had or seen have had any sort of motion or proximity sensor. So, that’s pretty cool.

Nice. :slight_smile:

$10 near me… 18 available.
I already have one but may ask my boss if he wants one.

Well hell the motion sensor are worth the 10 alone. My local Lowes has 3. Will go get them after work.

What about smart alarm if arm delay?

I haven’t played with Smart Alarm in forever. Keypad changes mode just like any other device use to change mode. So if you have SmartAlarm with an entry delay, I would ass-u-me that delay would also work with keypad.

What about CoRE?
Couldn’t we, somehow, put together a system using a combination of a rule/Piston/s and a virtual device of some sort to add a delay into the mix?

CoRE related questions would best be served by asking in the CoRE thread.

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It only senses motion a few inches away from the keypad, FYI.

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Mine work from about 2 feet away. After all it is designed to just turn on keypad as you approach so you can see to put in code. Like I suggested before an alert somebody is at the door or to turn on a light if somebody is at the door.

Interesting. I have two, with both of them I have to wave my hand pretty much right in front of the keypad.