Lowe's Iris Sensors (New CentraLite models)

I would be curious how the Iris motion sensor handles pets. I have a 50lb dog and if this can not detect that and still work, I am buying these! They are small!! Any feedback on the ST motions and pet detection?

I have a 25 lb dog and the new ST motion detectors do “see” him, killed using the sensors in the kitchen for me.

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Darn! Are there any sensors that are good at not detecting animals? I see @smart also mentioned Fibaros. I really need one that is consistent about not being triggered by animals. If it doesn’t exist I can just wait for now

Not sure if it can handle dog situation but the sensitivity can be adjusted. Not a dog owner.

Tell me about it…just when I thought I was done, this happens… I’m making up crazy excuses for getting these, like refrigerator open/close/temp sensors, motion in closets turning lights on/off, etc… Oh wait, I think I will do that!

Supposedly the Monoprice/GoControl one does based on the jumper setting (it comes with the jumper), but I’ve never tried it:

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My wife wants one and only one basic automation achievable thru multi’s or contact’s. Did I remember to put down the potty lid? I think that’s a reason for me to get another sensor. :wink:

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Ha! Yeah, glad my wife doesn’t read these posts! Between her, and all daughters, I’ve been trained already…

I found myself at Lowes last night and I don’t even need anymore door/window sensors. I just wanted to see if I could get the deal :smile:

how do you connect the motion sensor to smart things? every time i try it says just sits on identifying device.

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Seem if its sitting in your things list as a generic Thing. If it is then log in to the IDE and edit the sensor to be a ST Motion sensor.

There is a bug in the iOS app and maybe the android app that won’t show new devices until you force closes the app and restart it. Then go under add new device again and it will be listed under un-configured devices.

Went back to lowes today planning to pick up more motions and the price jumped up as others have already mentioned. 27.48. I wish I would have cleaned them out right away like I did with the contact sensor

What device type would do this? I have the GoControl kit and would loooove to modify the time. Also i dont believe mine shows battery stats. Its listed as an Aeon Multi Sensor.

So, just to clarify, both new sensors have temperature sensors, correct? I’ve been looking for some cheaper temperature sensors and these might fit the bill. If they both do have temperature sensors, any feedback on how accurate they are?

How accurate is the temperature reading on the contact sensor?

I know you’ve only had the contact sensor installed for 2 days now but could you keep us informed of the battery life and how quickly it drains?

This is the one I am using: https://github.com/constjs/SmartThings-Devices/blob/master/monoprice_motion_sensor.device.groovy

After making the necessary preference changes remove the sensor and re-add it for the changes to propagate to the device…

I’ve only paired one of the each of the sensors so far the contact sensor temp seems to be on par with my thermostat, I had to offset the motion 4 degrees

I guess you didn’t get the deal? There’s no mention of a bag full of sensors. :smile:

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I checked 2 stores in the Raleigh, NC area, and nothing hanging with the Iris stuff and nothing stuck up on shelves in storage. On top of all the rain we’re getting, and no new stuff, today was a crappy day…

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