Lowes Iris Motion Sensor wont Connect

After reading so many good things about these (cheap) motion sensors I ventured across the border to the nearest Lowes in the US and had them order a 4 pack. After several weeks wait, they finally arrived. Tallying up the cost (CAN) of these cheap sensors so far:

2 Trips across bridge - $14.50
Lowes shipping - $7.00
4 Pack sensors + tax - $100.00
Results - Worthless

Not one of these sensors will join ST hub. More reading/research within this forum about these sensors suggest the motion sensors that will work with ST are the Iris 2nd gen sensor :frowning: No idea which I have except they are the only ones advertised on the Lowes web site which led to to assume they are the latest version. Below is the 4 pack I purchased. Should these work with ST??


Unfortunately, it looks like you got the first generation… I don’t believe they will work with ST. You want the second generation. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :frowning:

I was afraid of that… So much for cheap sensors. More like very expensive paper weights and not very good at that either :frowning:

The 2nd Gen work really well. It sucks you got stuck with those. They are always returnable though if you venture across the boarder again.

It may make more sense for someone in the US to buy them for you and ship them over.

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The cheque is in the mail :smile:

Koodos to Lowes in the US. I had to make a trip across the border this week and brought along my (useless) sensors I bought in late August. They took them back, no questions asked and I got a full refund. This experiment still cost me $20+ (shipping cost, bridge toll charges) but I got my $100 back.

Thank you Lowes Ogdensburg, NY :slight_smile: