Door and window sensors

are there any cheaper sensors out there that would work well with ST I thought I read some where on here about ebay ones from china

Depends on your price point. For just door/window sensors, I’d go with Iris’s sensors for $23 a piece. I really like their form factor. I also like the Quirky devices that were once sold at Home Depot. Their form factor was really nice, but battery life wasn’t as good for me as the others I have.

I use the iris sensors too and they work great. Search for a coupon and you can get them under $20.

Another vote here for the iris sensors. They were very easy to install, report temperature, and are frequently on sale. The WAF (wife approval factor) is not bad, because they are pretty small. One of the easiest things to connect to the hub and they come with really good 3m tape. They also have an ability to screw in the smaller part of the sensor. Just make sure you are getting the new ones and not the gen 1, as the old ones are not ST compatible.

+1 on Iris sensors (Purple box is Gen 2)

They report temp and battery, works great


These IRIS sensors are now on sale for $11.18 at the Chelsea store (zip 10011) and you can use whatever Lowes coupon you have.

Thanks @damohabir, just ordered 4 and was able to use the 10% coupon! ( )

Thank you all for the help and the input What sensors are your referring to 3320-l @ 22.99
or the dws901 @ 15.00

you want Item #: 690400 | Model #: 3320-L .
Pretend that you are in 10011 zip-code area (that gives you $11.18 price).
Don’t forget to use the discount codes (10% and $10/50 seem to work).

Do they add to Smartthings the same way as the Smartthings brand sensor? Or do I have to do something differently when I connected to the hub?

Cool. I just placed three separate orders, 6 per order, with the free shipping over $50 and the $10 off $50+.
One of them will be a bathtub water level sensor. Hang it over the edge opposite the fill spigot, with the magnet attached to a floatation thing, such that the magnet floats up to the sensor when the water hits a certain level. Alarm goes off… no longer having to check the tub every few minutes will be great

And I assume you get another 5% off when using your Lowes card?

Hard to beat $11.00 each when I paid $23.00 last weekend for a bunch :frowning: