Iris Contact And Motion Sensors 15% Off 12/21 - 12/24

Iris’ December newsletter says these two will be on sale, but not 12/21 through 12/24. I’ve had very good luck with the contact sensors, many installed with zero issues. The motion sensors I’m mixed on - two of four have failed on me recently, repeatedly false sensing, or permanently thinking it saw motion. (One worked upon resetting, but still not so good when you’re away from home.)


So are you saying they will be on sale during those dates or they will not be on sale during those dates?

According the “Iris December eNewsletter”, these WILL be on sale during those dates.

Looks like they’re also running an “Iris Twelve Days of Christmas” thing with a different product on sale each day, but much of them seem to be Gen I (non ST-compatible). Here’s the link:

I got a slew of the contact sensors for like nine bucks each back in may. They are great, very reliable. I still have five that I’ve not installed as backups.

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Was it the contact or motion sensors you’ve found reliable? I’m trying to figure out if I just had bad luck with the motion sensors or not.

Both in my experience. Basically the only rock solid things in my setup.

Only problem I had with Iris PIR or OC was when I had 2 Osram A19 bulbs in the same room. Once I replaced the Osrams with Hue they have been rock solid. My solution with Osrams was to turn the lights off at the switch. power cycle the Iris ( pull battery for a couple seconds). So they would wake up and contact hub. Then turn the Osrams back on. They would be fine until something happened to put Osrams before them in the mesh again.

ITS LIVE! $19.54 for contact sensor. Buy 3 and you can use $15 off $50.

I figured out how to get the code. Ordered three. Thanks for posting.

Grove, OK has 1 available with shipping for $7.82
Elkin, NC has 3 with shipping for $15.63

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This is at my local Lowe’s today. Picked up a couple contact sensors. Our Lowes gives an additional 10% off for active and retired military members. So I received a total of 25% off.

Grove OK canceled my order of 4 about 2 hrs after placing it.

Nabbed another two motion sensors.

Many thanks for the heads-up.

I ordered 3 from the NC store listed above. Show shipped from a store about 150 miles from me, in Arizona. Threw in a motion sensor as well so I could do 15 off 50.

Also ordered 9 from Grove, OK, cause that is what I needed to use a 15 off 50 plus free shipping. Came to just under $60 for 9. $6.16 a piece +tax. Just got shipping notice from Vancouver, WA. Not sure why they cancel some, and ship others. Seems it is dependent on who the person is who processes the order I guess.

what is a good code to use?

That is exactly it. Online orders just get posted to Lowe’s fulfillment and if somebody that actually cares about their job notices the pricing " irregularity" that we like to take advantage of, they will cancel the order. Most never pay attention and just toss them in a box.

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How did you guys order that many when there’s only 1 available in the store? Shipping is also $5.99 extra.
Am I doing it wrong?

Add the one to cart. Then in cart change quantity to 3,4,whatever. Get it up to $60, use a $10 off $50 code ( $65 if you have a $15 off code ) so it stays above the $49 min for free shipping.

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Ahh… I need to cancel other orders then…
Shipping can’t be avoided? Thanks a lot!