Iris Motion sensor amazon $17.17( Price now back to $30 Sept 07)

Iris Motion sensor on Amazon for $17.17 with prime member. I know there are all type of deals with Lowes but this is amazon and it will work for people outside U.S


Wow–Lowes officially selling Iris products through Amazon is new, I think. That probably follows their adding echo compatibility a month or so ago. :sunglasses:

Well, it’s reciprocal since Lowe’s is selling Amazon Echo.

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So the $17 PIR is payback for the $79 Tap a couple months ago ?

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Glad this was posted…ordered 4 lol. Since they are usually anywhere from 23-30 in store. I was waiting for sales to get a few more that i dont fully need. Putting sensors into room’s I dont use just yet, but why not at that price lol.

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Thanks for posting this Ray! I picked up 5 more… I will find some creative use for them. :smiley:

These pair and are seamless / compatible with ST ? Smart Apps and DTH’s all a go?

Anybody have experience with battery life for these? Some reviews said they dont last long. TIA!

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes. I have 1 that chews up batteries every couple weeks, bt all the others are fine.

I grabbed 3. . . but when I got the confirm from Amazon it showed the picture of the passive infrared ones not the “other” ones (not sure what to call them) and I have heard bad things about the infrared. These are not the infrared? I have 2 of the “other” ones and they pair very easily. Battery dropped to 77% almost immediately but they have held there for about 3-4 weeks.

Got two more, so much easier this way than dealing with Lowes and their stupid site and all the discount codes!

I just ordered 5. During the time I switched from 3 to 4 to 5 the shipping date moves from 4-5 days to end of Oct, to now mid-Nov.

That is ok as I still have 4 here and waiting to be installed.

I don’t know how to tell if they are the bad or goes ones. I have a few of these already and they are the best motion sensors I have. (I have a few).

The model # on the amazon page matches the model number of the ones I have #3326-L. Fingers crossed. Mid-Nov really? This better not become the gardenspot situation…

Not to mention the email every 3 days that the order has not shipped and if you don’t reply they will cancel it.

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Ive had a couple for a few months now and they are still going, saying 78% on my oldest one. So I dont have a problem so far. Making sure you have a healthy mesh with enough repeaters sprinkled around your house does a lot to help battery life for sure.

They also pair up just fine. The internals I believe are the same as most sensors. I like them a lot. Replaced an aeotech gen5 with one of these and its so great compared to that gen5. My ‘biggest’ complaint is that it flashes green when it senses movement. Thats nice but wouldnt mind being able to disable that, but its such a minor annoyance.

I have a lowes close, but man…prime has spoiled me. The walk from the car to the proper isle and back out just isnt worth it :wink:


Usually ships within 1 to 2 months.

Fastest response time of all my motion sensors

Yeah, I confirmed the number too. I just think the pic in the confirm email is wrong.

Does anybody know how accurate the temperature sensors are on these? I have an Ecobee 3 on the way, but I’d rather not spend another $80 on their sensors if I can do it for $35.

My order confirmation pic was the right one. Wonder why it’d be different?

I have one in a server closet, it is identical in reading to an acurite fridge thermometer and the fan controller for my vent fan. So I’d say it’s very accurate.

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