Noob Here - Please Help

I’m thinking of switching systems since IRIS v2 hub was shipped to me last week, it’s terrible. Thinking of going to ST - a couple quick questions:

  1. will any of the motion or contact sensors I have from IRIS work with ST? these are the original, 1st Gen, sensors?
  2. if not, it seems like the 2nd generation IRIS sensors work with ST and are more cost effective (and maybe monoprice sensors) - please confirm.
  3. can my nest T-stat work with ST?
  4. seems like sonos system can also work with ST?

THanks in advance

  1. Gen 1 Iris will not work on the ST hub
  2. Gen 2 will work and they work very well
  3. Nest will work with some magic but is not officially supported
  4. Sonos is supposed to work but I have never been able to get it to integrate properly. I believe they have even pulled the smartapp off of the marketplace due to the trouble they are having with the integration.

Hi TJ,

Your gen 1 sensors won’t work, but gen 2 will. I have a lot of those (motion and open/close) working great with ST. I also have several monoprice devices working great. Your Nests will work with the help of a Community developed solution, but Sonos is a different story. I suggest reading up on that. All in all I think you’ll be pleased with the change.

I just set up my SmartThings yesterday and had 0 issues with the Sonos integration. I’ve got it saying a phrase when it detects motion.

Everyone else answered the other questions for you.