Best Motion Sensor with ST? (2016, now out of date)

I was looking at the Aeotec Multisensor 6 but have come across very mixed reviews. For the most part, I’m looking for a Motion Sensor to turn lights on and off and it must be battery operated. What is the best one out there?

I enjoy the Lowes 2nd gen motions as they are very small and fit well in corners. Cheap and work well with ST. Look in the deals section because you can order from the Chelsea, NY store at a discount.

Thread on the Lowes sensors:

ST added support for them so no need to use the custom device handler.

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Hi @lansa,

You’ll get a lot of differing opinions, so I recommend doing a search on that topic. You’ll see that’s been asked a few times already:

When was this? Awesome!!

I absolutely love these little guys. Ive got 7 as of today, but I need to add about 20 more. Even more when I finish my basement.

There’s no one best sensor, different ones will be a better fit for different use cases. And of course some people want to keep the cost down and are willing to give up features to do so.

The following thread has good discussion of the various features which can help you decide whether you need one of the more expensive sensors or not.

As far as inexpensive ones, if you are in the US, it’s hard to do better then the iris brand from Lowe’s, especially when they are on sale. If you are in the UK then Orvibo is a good bargain brand, but it has fewer features than some of the others. In particular, no temperature sensor.

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The Iris and ST are made by Centralite so it was a matter of SmartThings to add the fingerprint to the SmartSense device handler. They did this several months ago.