Lowes Google home mini $29 + $10 gift card ends 11/27

Lowes is giving a $10 gift card (mail in rebate) with google mini purchase.

Both colours available


Not as good as the Sprawlmart $25, but you can use the $10 off 50 or $15 off $75 with 2 or 3.

I tried to go through Google express but seems the deal is over in my area

Ya it ended Thursday afternoon it seems. Searching for Google or Chromecast in WM store on Google Express just gives books on how to use/optimize Google

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WallyMart shows in store availability in my area. The $25 off future WM purchase would still apply it seems. I might swing by a store to check and cancel my online order if successful.

Lowes has plenty in stock as well.

It is good until mid Jan. It is for Wally world purchase through their Google Express store. You need to link your Google account and Walmart.com accounts to activate it. Not through WM directly. Just so you know.

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